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Investigation (examination) of documents Kiev Ukraine

Investigation (examination) of documents Kiev Ukraine. As you need technical and forensic study of documents, call Us. We have skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience

The passport of the citizen of Ukraine (hereinafter – the passport) is a document that certifies the identity and confirms the citizenship of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine.

In recent years, domestic Bank credit and financial institutions, the cases of thefts from safe Deposit boxes. Individuals who commit these crimes use a passport, the twins made their way full of fakes.

Forgery is complete when the present document reproduces all the component parts (paper, binding material), and a text background stamp, handwritten and typewritten form, signatures of officials, the stamp and other requisites.

The methods of making a complete fake passport can be done ways:
  • Photocopying;
  • Electrografia;
  • Thermocouples;
  • Production of documents with forms of flat offset printing;
  • Made by photochemical method
  • Production of documents printed with clichés
Photographic method Today there are the following types of counterfeit passports

Thus criminals used Congreve print on the top of the photo with a large gap between the lines of print in the photo and the passport page, with no uniform depth or shape of the terrain.

When plywood photo on ruback photos and passport pages remain prints from old photos Also used passport made by Photocopying the passport series AO was never published in Kiev.

Also scams are available certificate of identification code of non-existent persons.In practice, there are two types of a study of impressions of seals and stamps – and without a comparative sample. Prints mastic seals are investigated in the reflected normal light and UV rays, impressions kongresnih seals in the slanting rays light.

Congreve printing, generally used to bond the photo in the document proving the identity. When you replace pictures in a document counterfeited certainly not the whole kongresni impression, and part of it placed in the photo.During the inspection of documents is necessary to pay attention to the shape conformity of the document content. Contradictions are established by matching and verification of certain details.

Apply inspection to cosapidata and penetrating light, with the growing optical devices in the ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Signs about how the forgery can be as follows: – standard letters, of unequal height, width, letter, thickness of strokes, different intervals between words, the radial position of the signs in a circle, the reflectivity of the individual marks errors in the text, the difference of writing in the text of the letters, the asymmetry of the placement of letters, Rasplavy separate strokes, no stamp dye.

Investigation (examination) of documents Kiev Ukraine – 2018

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