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Where to take fingerprints in Kiev, how to fill in C-216C, FD-258?

Where to take fingerprints in Kiev, how to fill in C-216C, FD-258? For fingerprinting, filling out form C-216C or FD-258 it is better to use the services of a qualified forensic specialist, with the appropriate diploma and expert certificate.

The samples should be of high quality and accurately reflect the structure of the microrelief of the phalanx of the finger.

Preliminary assessment of the suitability of the hand and form C-216C or FD-258 is made with the participation of a forensic expert or in the process of examination.

Fingerprinting – fingerprinting to fill in a dactylocard, form C-216C or form FD-258, takes place with the help of a special dactyloscopic paste on a special form of the established sample, for Canada it is C-216C or FD-258 for the United States and Canada, which has the appropriate size and density of the form (on the left and upper section of the form FD-258 form, there is a oblique cut similar to the SIM card cut for a mobile phone, it is necessary to determine by the machine (scanner) for reading the), on this forms should be made independently with strict observance of requirements or to order from specialized firms of the USA and Canada (sometimes they can be found in sites like Amazon or Ali –Express, but to be attentive at the order and to look at a rating of the seller and responses).

Fingerprinting is carried out by rolling the sticks of the hands separately, starting with the thumb of the right hand, ending with the little finger of the left hand, it is important to ensure that the same finger is not rolled twice and their sequence is not mixed up.

If you are looking for where to take fingerprints in Kiev, how to fill in C-216C or FD-258, please contact us, the cost of the service at the beginning of 2018 is 800 UAH.

Where to be fingerprinted in Kiev with the subject matter, and who will hold their comparison?

Also, if You need fingerprinting. If you just want to find out who periodically touch some things or to swarm them without asking, sits at your Desk, with this we can help You.

We will do this work without further questions, the information received will remain in complete secrecy and will be used only by you or for official verification purposes.

Please note that in order for the fingerprints to become evidence in criminal proceedings, You must act as provided for in the criminal procedure law, and we will not be able to help and You will need to contact the relevant law enforcement agencies and remove the fingerprints in the course of investigative actions.

So you can take fingerprints from the subject, you just need to bring this subject to us “center of expertise and evaluation”. Possible departure of our forensic specialists to Your scene.

Also You need to consent to the fingerprinting of those people who besides you touched this subject, get samples. Consent may be given only by adults or their legal representatives.

Or do you have reported to be items that only the suspects you have touched, with their fingerprints and that you will be able to provide us with for the study.

In this case, it is necessary to be extremely careful and careful for the objectivity of the study, to use almost initially clean objects that could not touch several people at the same time.

It can be a clean paper or a wiped glass for drinks. The objects provided for research should be touched at the ends of the surface with a minimum area. It is not advisable to pack them in plastic bags, not pre-processed detecting means (fingerprint powder). If possible, secure them to the box eliminating friction surface with traces on the packaging, securing items for the butt.

Where to take fingerprints in Kiev, how to fill in C-216C, FD-258 – 2018

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