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about us

Our center is an association of certified court experts with impeccable reputation and extensive practical experience of work, more than 10 years.

Our experts are well known in the scientific and expert community, the staff of the center consists of highly skilled workers, which was awarded the qualification of judicial experts in the relevant types of forensic examinations and expert specialties.

The priority tasks of the center as a whole and directly of his leadership is a quality and professional customer service, to provide him as soon as possible expert assistance on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert examinations and conducting experts of the center, on the appropriate types of forensic examinations, comprehensive studies providing reasonable and objective written opinions on the questions raised in order to solve the maximum number of questions posed to the expert, and, if necessary, clarify them.

Works for the forensic examinations and expert studies are carried out in full compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, and legal acts of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, concerning the conduct of forensic examinations and expert examinations.

Our partners

EDRPOU PP code: 45342381

– forensic medical examination;
– consultations on appointment and conduct of forensic medical examination;
– scientific and practical activities in the field of forensic expertise (conferences, seminars, trainings, master classes, lectures).