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More than 15 years, Robert Hanssen led a double life. In one life he was a veteran of the Federal Bureau of investigation United States with 25 years of experience, who had access to the classified information of the nation. In another life he was spying for the Russian government. Deception Hansen was identified with the use of the polygraph, and in February 2001, he was finally arrested. He later pleaded guilty to 15 charges related to espionage.

Spies are probably the best liars in the world, because they have to be. But most of us are practicing deception in our daily lives, even when we speak of a familiar girl that her horrible haircut “looks good enough”.

People play the hypocrite and deceive others for many reasons. Often lying is a defense mechanism used to avoid problems with the law or authority. Sometimes you can successfully lie, but sometimes it can be not so simple. The polygraph, which is usually called a “lie detector” is an instrument that monitors the physiological responses of a person. This tool really shows lies. But it can determine an impact of the reaction inherent to obmanchiva behavior.

Do you think You can fool the polygraph expert? The polygraph is essentially a combination of medical devices and the methodological rules that are used to monitor changes occurring in the body. When a person asks about a specific event or incident, the examiner looks at how changes in the heart rate, blood pressure, motor and electrodermal human activity in comparison with the baseline. These fluctuations may indicate that person is false, and the research results are interpreted by expert by applying decision algorithms.


Examination with the use of the polygraph is most commonly associated with criminal investigations, but there are other cases when it is used. You may one day be subjected to survey using a polygraph before employment. Many government agencies and some private sector employers, will require or ask you to undergo a polygraph test before beginning work. There is also the chance to meet with the polygraph examiner during the investigation in the company, if an emergency event.

All of these polygraph do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, and in many cases today already explicitly provided for. In particular, the forensic psychological examination with the use of the computer polygraph set out in paragraph 6.8 of section VI “of the Instruction about appointment and carrying out judicial examinations and expert researches”, approved by the Ministry of justice of Ukraine No. 1350/5 from 27.07.2015 year. Since 2010, the profession of “expert examiner” included in the national classifier of professions in Ukraine (code 2144.2), which is the official recognition of the profession in the country. According to statistics from the Unified state register of court decisions – there is a General positive dynamics of development of domestic forensic examinations using a polygraph.

Of course, there are still enough issues that need to be introduced and to settle for the final recognition of the polygraph judiciary and the General public, in particular, to ensure that the expert examiner adheres to international standards in the field of psychophysiological studies using polygraph (ASTM) and others. But, regardless of whether You agree or disagree with the use of polygraphs, thousands of people voluntarily undergo such studies annually.

To obtain more information about conducting personnel interviews and examinations with the use of the polygraph and related topics, please contact us.


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