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Examination of handwriting (signature) – graphology

Examination of handwriting (signature) – graphology. Neat and beautiful handwriting often associated with successful and meticulous personalities. And it’s no wonder, because since high school we have become accustomed to the perceptions of us teachers and educators. Keeping a notebook always associated with the face of the student.

But as it turns out, the beauty of handwriting is not always an indicator of intelligence, accuracy and integrity. Our handwriting is affected by many factors, but there are so-called, knocking factors: unusual writing instrument, limited space, inadequate lighting, disease, and so on.

When a person has a runny nose, disturbed coordination of movements, eyes fill with tears, and thus man carries a worse visual monitoring of writing. Such reasons may determine within the tapes, the tortuosity of the letter, nargana letters one by one.

Bad handwriting is not evidence of bad character, but rather an indication of leadership, management or other features that can be precisely set in a detailed study of the existing texts. While beautiful handwriting – traits of a good executor, a person calm and balanced, but usually businese.

Best for diagnosis of handwriting, there are the usual letters, diaries. These types of letters a person carries out without controlling the process of execution of the letters, but because they disclose their luck. Because there are two sides of the handwriting: conscious and unconscious. Conscious headed man, so, it can deliberately change.

First of all, it is a common signs of handwriting: size, slope, and the like. The subconscious way we perform mechanical, not controlling the process of writing, because it has developed through years of life. That is: at what angle we put a handle on how you are going to write and finish writing a letter.

The visibility in this case is the best method of diagnosis, so it is important to see how a person is holding a pen or pencil. In most cases, the cause may be the lack of control over the child during the period of the formation of letters or physiological feature of the fingers. Depending on a long or short human fingers, or if it has joint disease of the upper extremities man can hold a pen.

Very large capitals (uppercase) letters on the one hand observed in people with high self-esteem, respectively very small drop. On the other, small capital letters indicate a human propensity to scientific work. While the owners of large letters like to be the center of attention and prefer a bright environment than a quiet Harbor.

Extended elements of the letters “b” may indicate leadership abilities, letters “in” – what are the plans of man: feasible or only dreams. Along with this, large and wide under urgent items letter “b”, “d”, “s” can be traced to the emotional people who will need a sheet instead of a handkerchief while watching a romantic melodrama. If the form in waste elements like a triangle, their owners have an inner fear that they keep in a hidden aggression does not pour out.

Often, such individuals suffer from diseases, in particular of the stomach, duodenum, liver, and sometimes of mental disorder. If the distance between the vertical and l-shaped elements of the letter “R” is indicative of people-soldiers, who are accustomed to reach the goal. Uneven, curved and therefore the first element of the letter “R” indicates the inner fear, and too elongated – inflated self-esteem.

 The people that write smoothly, seek order from yourself and others, it is difficult to adapt to a new team.

On the other hand, they are stubborn. Having your own opinion on a question and not recognizing their own mistakes, they accept other beliefs. Individuals with wavy handwriting easily find common language with any representatives of the new team, and feel comfortable doing so.

The latter is easy to generate any fiction. Therefore, the more wavy handwriting, the more flexible, active and in some cases a person. The owners live in style is usually a stubborn person or dictators.

Left inclination of the letter is characteristic of the people of the opposition, a few stubborn individuals who find it difficult to perform specific tasks. Together with the owners of the handwriting with the left tilt often like to contradict others and make life difficult problems that they themselves create. People with direct handwriting no clear beliefs or their own opinion, so they are easily influenced by others.

At the end of the person, a letter which has the right slope are resistant to failures that may befall them in life. Generous and dematerialisation person write 1-2 words in the tape, not economical using in this paper. Then as greedy or avaricious – very tight. However, handwriting should always be considered in the system and in context.

For example, the shortage of paper can lead to a narrowness of handwriting or density of written words. Handwriting analysis in forensics or handwriting, which is now promoted in the West, psychologists, provides a comprehensive study of writing. After all, if one characteristic of the handwriting indicates a person with mental illness, in complex with other she will speak about the creativity of nature.

When large intervals between words indicate that in making decisions, the owners of this type of letter previously thought. Accordingly, the small intervals indicate a strong, sometimes spontaneous and hurrying people.

Flying in the air the handwriting or letter on the tape first, may indicate a dreamy person. Secondly, people who are in constant search of: they are not interested in stability and material values, in contrast to the movement and spiritual development. Owners of simplified letters about effective people that they will not engage in self digging to create problems where there are none. Such persons will try to do the job is much easier than doing all the rest.

If the printing elements very much – that is people of technical professions, or tend to be dictators. If printing only the individual elements of handwriting, it is people who either want to manage, or aspire to be correctly understood.

Examination of handwriting (signature) – graphology.

Compliance with the vertical margin is also one of common characteristics. For example, people who write exactly, adhering to the direct fields from the right and left are balanced. These people like order, not prone to eccentric actions, able to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, and ultimately make the right decisions.

Our signature often indicates how we want to be than what we really are. Owners of short, simple, legible signatures people are sincere, open and diplomatic. According to illegible signatures or crossed out indicate insincere people, treacherous, cowardly. Too big a signature is evidence of exaggerated self-importance, and too small – expresses his fear of the owner.

Signatures are generally very interesting in terms of research, but the study has a number of features to consider. If I start to call them, that many of our readers incorrectly decode their signatures and in the end concluded that graphology is complete nonsense.

For people patients with or predisposed to schizophrenia inherent in the very beautiful handwriting with curls, loops, monograms, if they are certainly not designers or artists.

People who have a lot of pressure on the paper while writing with a ballpoint pen, can be different sexually. Ink stains and strong embossing on the paper is observed in rapists.

However, it is not necessary to identify all who are at the time of writing is heavily embossed on the paper with the mentally ill or perverts. Quite often these people are engaged in heavy physical labor or are wrestlers, body builders. Should avoid people with angular handwriting. Such people are often impulsive, sharp, with a weak psyche can have nervous breakdowns.

People always like beautiful. During the period when books were handwritten, scribes invested their talents in the aesthetic design of the page. Later those engaged engravers that cut fonts. If people like this letter, if she impressed with her character, why not?

Another thing, when a person likes a particular type of handwriting but she can’t follow an inability to transcend themselves as a person. On the other hand, graphologists claim that if a person starts to change something in your handwriting, something will change in her character. Because during the process the person is formed in writing-impellent stereotype, according to which we learn to write the hand and the brain.

The brain contains information about the letters, which muscles and, accordingly, is formed by the reflection of this perfect image on paper. Known cases when people after the loss of a familiar hand writing or serious illnesses by training reached such a level of writing with the other hand or foot, who had in the presence of able-bodied usual, most of the right hand. Say that graphology has no future. Not at all, I believe that Scripture will never lose its relevance. It will always remain an important means of communication between people and the object of study for pokerbonus and graphologists.

Examination of handwriting (signature) – graphology – 2018

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