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Forensic handwriting examination

Forensic handwriting examination – a scientific study that has established procedural form of the law, carried out by experts on the basis of expertise in the field of judicial handwriting accordance with the rules of procedural law, which define its purpose and conduct in order to establish the facts (evidence), have probative value Affairs.
Handwriting – fixed in the manuscript, which is characteristic for each person and is based on his writing-motor skills system movements, by which conventional graphic signs executed.
The tasks of judicial expert handwriting analysis are:
Identification – the establishment of a specific performer or performance of the manuscript several manuscripts by one or by different persons through the use of techniques of forensic handwriting expert identification. Namely:
– Identification of persons – Executive manuscript or fragment thereof;
– The establishment of the performance of various manuscripts or fragments of one or different parties;
– Exclusion performer on the basis of established stable differences.
Diagnostic – establishing conditions for the implementation of the manuscript or the state performer through the use of diagnostic techniques of forensic handwriting examination. Namely:
– The establishment of the singularity of the letter;
– Establishment of the unusual nature of the execution of the manuscript (temporary, permanent)
– Definition of “confounding” factors: natural (non-deliberate change in handwriting), artificial (associated with deliberate changes in handwriting)
– Establishing a kind of intentional change in handwriting (change within the shorthand form of letters, with the imitation of letters printed text, handwriting imitation of another person, perform unusual for this letter by hand)
In addition, one of the tasks of forensic handwriting examination is also the establishment of the Executive Floor of the manuscript.
The objects of the judicial expert handwriting analysis can be:
– Text – view of the manuscript, the content side of which is fixed by means of numbers, letters or mixed alphanumeric designations, capacity, respectively, not less than four words or eight digits, three words and three digits;
– Shorthand – the form of the manuscript, which recorded substantial side alphabetic, numeric or mixed alphanumeric designations, amount, respectively, to three words and seven digits;
– Signature – type of manuscript showing the name (first name, middle name) of the person in the form of letters and (or) the conventional written signs, and is performed to certify.

Forensic handwriting examination solves the following questions:
– “Petrov Sergey Ivanovich or other person made the handle, elegant text receipt voucher №4 on September 15, 2014?”
– “Ivanov Ivan Petrovich or other person made handwritten za¬pisy beginning words” I bring to your knowledge … “and end with the words” … Anonymous “anonymous letters received 08.05.2014r. Buzivske head of the village council? ”
– “One or different persons are made handwritten notes and signatures on behalf Ivanova II in receipts from 20.01.2011 and 22.05.2013? “

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