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Check the car and documents.

Check the car and documents required before buying a car. Protection system forms a certificate of vehicle registration and driver’s license. Production of blank certificates of vehicle registration documents as strict accounting began in 1993. First printing forms were produced by “Oriyana” LTD and “Photon” on unprotected paper, practically without any – any system of protection against forgery.

In the guidelines Scientific – Research Centre for Road Safety Department of the State Automobile Inspection MIA of Ukraine as protective elements were offered security features that are playable on any simplest copying technology.

In forging the forms polygraph means prompt decision on their authenticity causes significant complications.

Protective elements of the registration certificate of the vehicle in a new model of the card.
Total of which there are 9.

1 – mesh with rainbow print (face and back);

2 – hilyoshyrni pictures (face and back);

3-4 – negative and positive micro (face);

5 – optically variable ink (OVI) (face);

6 – invisible UV paint red glow (face and back);

7 – transparent film with holographic elements (face and back);

8 – hidden holographic element «UA», manifested a special lens (face and back);

9 – hidden holographic element «UA», manifested by a special laser pointer (face and back).
From the above it is obvious – the number of documents that service vehicle registration in Ukraine (the protective elements) are too diverse. This creates certain difficulties for professionals who control the operation of vehicles.

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