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Expertise сenter

Expertise Center organizing and conducting forensic examinations and conclusions of experts on the following areas:

Handwriting examination:

  • Identification (decision on the identity of the creator handwriting or signature);
  • Diagnostic (definitions for terms of handwriting or signature, the finding fulfillment manuscript deliberately altered handwriting, handwriting imitation of another person, etc.)
  • classification (determination of sex and age artist handwriting object)

For the study handwriting handwritten records and signatures provided originals and copies of documents.

Technical examination of documents:

  • details of documents (erasure, digestion, postscript, perekleyuvannya photographs, letters, etc.)
  • Expertise printing forms (installing application method prints seals, stamps, facsimile; identification stamps, seals, facsimile so for their prints; time line drawing prints stamps, manufacturing date stamps the document type and identification computer
  • Technology for their manufactured using document
  • examination of material documents

Economic assessment:

  • research documents accounting, tax accounting and reporting
  • study documents the economic activities of enterprises and organizations
  • research documents of financial and credit operations

Construction and engineering:

  • research of real estate, building materials, construction and related documents (projects, estimates, etc.)
  • determine the estimated cost of construction projects and facilities

Land – technical:

  • distribution of land and determine the order of use of land areas (surveying, land management)


  • determining the cost of machinery, equipment, raw materials and of consumer consumption

Commodity autoexpert:

  • determining the value of motor vehicles and the amount of damage to the owner of the vehicle

Of intellectual property:

  • research related to inventions and utility models
  • research related to industrial designs
  • research related to commercial (proprietary) names trademarks (for goods and services), geographical indications
  • studies related to trade secrets (know-how) and innovative proposals
  • economic research in the field of intellectual property

Other examinations:

  • fototehnichna, portrait
  • examination holograms
  • video and sound recordings
  • materials, substances and products (paints materials and coatings
  • polymer materials
  • fibrous materials
  • petroleum products and fuels and lubricants
  • glass, ceramics
  • alcohol-containing mixtures
  • soils
  • metals and alloys
  • presence of harmful substances in the environment
  • substances and chemical plants specialty chemicals
  • food
  • strong and toxic substances
  • biological
  • computer technology (IT-
  • legal

We also offer:

  • Provide verbal and written advice on the organization, appointment and
    conduct forensic examinations
  • Consultation on the correct formulation of the question
  • Check and review research facilities
  • Analysis of the documents for the possibility and feasibility of
  • Analysis of the findings of other expert institutions

Centre experts are highly experienced professionals well known in scientific and expert community. They have the appropriate certificates qualification of legal experts and submitted to the State register of court experts of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
Work on the conduct of forensic examination and expert research carried out in full compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine and normative acts of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine concerning
conduct forensic examinations and expert research.
In addition, the Center provides consultation in tax law, legal aid entities of all forms property. Counseling and legal assistance made by experts the highest level, with extensive experience in State Tax service, accounting and finance, are leading lawyers Ukraine.

Consulting carried out on:

  • application of tax legislation
  • accounting, in particular, and for tax purposes
  • corporate relations, foreign trade, registration foreign investment, organization and business
  • consultation, representation and advocacy in civil, administrative and economic cases and criminal proceedings

Information security audit company (organizational legal providing business processes and information security, complex development of job descriptions, contracts, katehorirovaniya commercial information and ensuring its protection under the current legislation and standards ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27002).

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