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Perform examination of handwriting (signature) Kiev Ukraine.

Perform examination of handwriting (signature) Kiev Ukraine. Forensic examination of the letter is a branch of forensic engineering, which solves several problems handwriting examination, one of which is to identify the person and takes into account certain patterns of writing and researching it. As in Ukraine are often situations involving fake documents for seizure of another’s property or business, the question of handwriting examination. Often such examination is conducted in order to establish the authenticity of signatures or falsifying identification documents. Of course, this method is not one hundred percent accuracy, but expert with great certainty, thanks to expert handwriting analysis can establish not only the signature belongs to a particular person, and whether or not it was committed mental or physical pressure on that person. Also of importance such expertise when necessary to establish the person’s age and other physiological characteristics or the time period in which it has committed certain records or signed document. Very common are cases when people try to conceal that the signature or other handwriting committed by them. To do this they deliberately try to change the script to distort it so it was impossible to identify the text committed by them. Often in such cases the person writing with his left hand, if usually written right, or use block letters. However, even in these cases, forensic handwriting expert can establish by whom it was made records, because even with deliberate change in handwriting are resistant features that are specific to a particular person.
At this stage, to prevent seizure of another’s property, most documents the authenticity of signatures must be notarized, and yet not isolated cases where counterfeited signature and seal of a notary. Typically, for a fake signature of the person trying to transfer from an existing signature in the documents, which reduces the speed of writing that the expert can find out when held handwriting examination. While use of paper media, this type of examination will not lose its relevance.

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