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Expertise, research photos and video materials.

Expertise, research photos and video materials. Training is an important part of the examination, one of the deciding factors that greatly affect its efficiency.

The organizational form of training expertise examination of physical evidence. In the process takes into account the relativity of objects to the events under investigation, based on analysis of all the evidence collected on production. One feature of the study is the separation of objects video overview of the tools and materials recording, and then their comprehensive study. Overview of the video can be divided into three stages. To begin with functional features installed video recorders, then individualizing its characteristic features. It ends with an overview of the establishment features a video device, showing its cause – effect relationship with the activities of the event. The first phase established view of the device for videos.

In the next phase, which means the video studied in combination with the materials installed in principle the possibility of manufacturing a specific video recording on this unit. From the establishment of the possibility of production of this video using certain video recorders depends on the decision to hold a preliminary investigation, the purpose of the examination, as well as the ousting of investigative leads.

As mentioned earlier, during the inspection of objects the video in the first place means being studied separately from the materials.

Investigation review of video material consists of two stages:

– Study and research of their external features;
– Identifying and fixing the content of the information displayed on the recording media.

For a more detailed study of the tools and materials recording often conducted their preliminary investigation. As a result, additional information can be obtained, allowing to write the following verses questions:

– To put forward new and checked the existing investigative leads;
– To build the tactics of certain investigative actions;
– Take the decision to bring the object to the case as evidence of speech, the appointment of judicial examination.

One of the important conditions for the study of physical evidence is the use of such methods, which provide storage of material evidence in their original form. Preliminary study, tend to have a logical completion of the review. After examination and preliminary study of physical evidence addressed the issue of the appropriateness of the destination expertise. The decision in the appointment of forensic tools and materials recording the investigator may reflect the following questions:

– What is the meaning of the presented subjects to study videos;
– It was this video made with the help of the presented devices;
– Contained in charge brought video editing features;
– Or simultaneously it performs the image and sound recording to presentation video.

Choosing an expert for examination of tools and materials recording, takes into account the competence of the future expert in the field of criminology, television, video.

Thus, it should be noted that the exposure of, and the withdrawal of funds and material recording has its own characteristics, which can be crucial in the proof.

Conducting forensic examination consists of the following steps:

– Preliminary examination of research facilities;
– Separate studies;
– Comparative study;
– The final evaluation of the aggregate of identification signs.

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